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Welcome to our Architectural and Custom Hardware website. We design and manufacture ornate door handles, door knobs, door knockers, cremone bolts, and many other hardware for the home, office, commercial spaces, hospitality hotels, resorts and churches. Our special custom hardware products are sandcast of bronze and brass.

Architectural Hardware Products

Door Knobs

We design and produce hand-crafted luxury door knobs in bronze and brass which compliment any custom door or ornate designer wardrobe, including cabinets, drawers and other fine wooden furniture.

Door Handles: Door Knockers - Custom Hardware including designer door handles and door knobs.

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Designer Door Handles

Door Handles

Our talented design team creates unique custom hardware for architects, interior designers, and specialty millworkers - including cabinet, door, wardrobe and cupboard manufacturers.

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Decorative Hardware

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Custom Hardware: Door Handles and Door Knocker in Bronze  Door Hardware + Cabinet Hardware including door pulls and thumb latches