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Baltica fittings are available in the following handsome finishes:

1. Polished Brass 6. Antique Nickel
2. Polished Bronze 9. Polished Nickel
3.Antique Brass 11. Satin Nickel
4. Antique Bronze 12. Satin Brass
5. White Bronze 13. Satin Bronze
8. Polished Gold Plated 14. PVD Sigma Gold

Care & Maintenance

     Baltica offers products hand-crafted in accordance with the highest standards of quality and excellence. All brass and bronze products are sandcast from the finest quality metals. Baltica does not offer a finish warranty as Baltica finishes are unlacquered and will age gracefully over time.

     Antique Brass and Antique Bronze patinas will darken over time with exposure to atmosphere and moisture. Under certain conditions, verdi gris accumulation will occur. Fittings can be gently "highlighted" using a scotchbright pad or a metal polish compound such as "Never Dull", however, it is recommended that care be taken to avoid polishing compound accumulation in the detailed ornament areas.

     Polished Brass and Polished Bronze fittings will age into a rich warm color. Fittings can be 'brightened' by submerging in distilled white vinegar. Wipe dry with a clean soft cloth. To maintain a polish finish we recommend regular use of a quality commercial brass polish.

     Polished, Satin and Antique Nickel are plated finishes and remain more stable when exposed to atmosphere and moisture. Fittings may be cleaned using a mild soap with water and the surface should be gently buffed dry with a soft cloth. Avoid abrasives and harsh chemicals.

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